Philip II “Augustus” of France

Philip II “Augustus” of France

Philip II “Augustus” of France

Lecture by John Hosler

Given at the Dole Institute at the University of Kansas on October 3, 2019

Overview: The early reign of Philip II of France was an exhibition of poor generalship, but by the early 1200s, Philip had seized most of the counties and duchies under the control of England’s King John. These victories would construct the territorial basis for modern France. Philip’s crowning victory at the Battle of Bouvines in 1214 was dubbed “the most important battle you’ve never heard of” by the BBC, and the result would forever change the face of Europe.

John D. Hosler is associate professor of military history at the Command and General Staff College. or follow him on Twitter @medievalist1

Top Image: Philip II’s victory at Bouvines (Koninklijke Bibliotheek MS 72 A 24 fol. 308r)

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