Medieval Coconuts with Kathleen Kennedy

Medieval Coconuts with Kathleen Kennedy

Episode 1 of The Medieval Podcast – Could you really find coconuts in medieval England? Danièle talks with Kathleen E. Kennedy about medieval trade, Monty Python, goblets and more.

Kathleen E. Kennedy is an Associate Professor of English at Penn State-Brandywine. You can learn more about Kathleen on her website or follow her on Twitter @TheMedievalDrK

See her articles:

Coconuts in Medieval England Weren’t as Rare as Monty Python and the Holy Grail Made You Think

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She is the author of The Courtly and Commercial Art of the Wycliffite Bible and Medieval Hackers. Look for next book to be published in 2019 with punctum books.

Check out this scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail:

And how a coconut goblet would have looked:

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Top Image: Photo by Alex Masters / Flickr

Watch the video: Medieval Coconuts with Kathleen Kennedy (January 2022).