Medieval House for Sale: The Hovel

Medieval House for Sale: The Hovel

The Hovel
Ludgershall, Buckinghamshire, UK
Asking Price: £400,000

This two-bedroom cottage is at least 500 years old and may have been a property mentioned in the Domesday Book from the eleventh-century.

Listed as a Grade II historical site, this cottage is believed to be an unique example of a “hovel” of medieval origins, with twisted branches under a thatched roof. Over the centuries additions have been made to the home, and it now consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a sitting room and bathroom.

The property also comes with 0.23 acres of land, which include gardens and a small brick summerhouse which can be used as an office. Ludgershall itself is a small village of about 400 residents. In the Domesday Book it was called Litlegarsele, and in the fourteenth-century the theologian John Wyclif was its vicar for several years. The village is about 1.5 hour drive from London.

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