GoPro to the Middle Ages

GoPro to the Middle Ages

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In 2004, the first GoPro video camcorders went on sale – and soon the company gained a reputation for making high-quality cameras that could record in extreme conditions, such as snowboarding, skydiving and surfing. The combination of a very durable camera than can capture cinema-like panoramic shots has made the GoPro brand a success. In the year 2012 they sold 2.3 million cameras, and one can now watch online millions of videos made by their users – click here for an example.

While extreme athletes have been making use of GoPro cameras, what about medievalists?

First, we can across several videos from showing mock medieval warfare:

We also found some less violent uses of GoPro cameras, such as this person who tours the ruins Annesley Old Church in Nottinghamshire:

Here is a video shot walking around the French city of Carcassonne:

Here is a quick GoPro video shot along Hadrian’s Wall:

GoPro on a Trebuchet – Want to experience what it would be like to be flung from a trebuchet? You can an idea from this video, filmed for a physics class. The GoPro camera was unharmed!

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