Grade 8 Unit Plan: What elements of the 21st Century have their roots in the Middle Ages?

Grade 8 Unit Plan: What elements of the 21st Century have their roots in the Middle Ages?

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High Middle Ages, 1000-1300: What elements of the 21st century have their roots in the Middle Ages?

Grade 8 Social Studies Unit Plan

The objective of this unit is to discover what elements of the 21 st century are based on medieval ideas. But in identifying these elements, students will decide for themselves why these elements remain, how have they changed over time, and what has been discarded. This is a multidisciplinary unit as it teaches geography, history, law, art, and music. It follows the B.C. curriculum standards of examining society and culture, as well as politics and law. By incorporating these elements into the unit, students will have a grasp of what life was like back then. They will also see what elements of feudal Europe have been passed onto our modern Canadian society. By understanding this, I believe they will know what was so important in the Middle Ages that it remains in our culture for nearly 1000 years.

By examining the prominent aspects of the Middle Ages, students will be able to compare and contrast societies and see the changes of these aspects over time. Some have developed and expanded hugely while others have declined or disappeared. They will understand that some aspects were such great developments that people cannot survive without them. The elements that have disappeared have disappeared for a reason and students will learn from history what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Young people take a lot of what they have for granted and do not know the type of work others had to do in the Middle Ages. By studying social, political, and economic aspects of the medieval era, students will better understand why their lives are the way they are now. By examining primary and secondary documents, they will formulate their own conclusions about what was important in the Middle Ages that still remains today.

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