Blaine House

Blaine House

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Blaine House, in Augusta, Maine, is the executive mansion established by the legislature of 1919. Blaine, American statesman, 1830-1893.The house was gifted by Blaine to his wife on her birthday, and after her death, it was given to their children and grand children. By 1919, Harriet Blaine Beale, one of the three Blaine children, donated the building to the state in memory of her son who had sacrificed his life in World War I. The historic house has been the official residence of the Governor since 1920.Originally built in Federal style in 1833 by Captain James Hall, the 28-room Governor's Mansion was remodeled several times and today it is of semi-colonial design. The house is graced with 19th century period pieces and artifacts of the Blaine family, which gives a taste of Maine's political history throughout the years.Presently, Blaine House is open to the public for tours, with more than 14,000 people visit the house each year. In addition, government departments and other non-profit agencies hold meetings and receptions here.

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